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NSC Nursing

The NSC Nursing is the scientific journal of the Order of Nursing Professions in Naples. The journal promotes and disseminates the progress of scientific research in the field of nursing, with the aim of being able to integrate the results of research into the daily activity of nurses. The journal welcomes nursing research developed by all the active sector operators in scientific research, encompassing students, doctoral students, researchers and professors. The articles that will be accepted for publication, will have to meet the quality standards of the magazine and the publishing standards, as well as having scientific validity. Each article will be submitted to the peer review process, i.e. a process of evaluation of the manuscript by one or more experts in the same field. The editor-in-chief on the basis of the reviews of the auditors, will decide later if the work can be accepted, considered acceptable after revisions and suggested modifications or rejected.

NSC Nursing has the intent to promote research, for this reason the magazine does not request any publication fees from the authors and makes the articles published accessible for free.


Indexing: EBSCO Discovery Service, Google Scholar, Crossref, Semantic Scholar, CINAHL, DOAJ


Periodical publications: quarterly


Online ISSN: 2612-6915




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