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Periodical publications: quarterly

Online ISSN: 2612-6915

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Aims and Scope

The NSC Nursing is the scientific journal of the Order of Nursing Professions in Naples. The journal promotes and disseminates the progress of scientific research in the field of nursing, with the aim of being able to integrate the results of research into the daily activity of nurses. The journal welcomes nursing research developed by all the active sector operators in scientific research, encompassing students, doctoral students, researchers and professors. The articles that will be accepted for publication, will have to meet the quality standards of the magazine and the publishing standards, as well as having scientific validity. Each article will be submitted to the peer review process, i.e. a process of evaluation of the manuscript by one or more experts in the same field. The editor-in-chief on the basis of the reviews of the auditors, will decide later if the work can be accepted, considered acceptable after revisions and suggested modifications or rejected.


Ethical/legal considerations

The submitted manuscript must be an original contribution that has not been previously published (except as an abstract or preliminary report) or submitted for publication to another journal at the same time. Furthermore, in the event that an article is published on NSC Nursing, it may not be published elsewhere in a similar form, in any language without explicit consent from the Scientific Committee.  Although the Editorial Board and the reviewers make every effort to ensure the validity of published manuscripts, the authors are held responsible for any behaviour that is ethically incorrect, such as data manipulation, plagiarism or duplication of results and possible conflict of interest. For this reason, the author of correspondence must, on behalf of all authors, sign the cover letter of NSC Nursing, which must be submitted together with the manuscript in PDF format and which can be downloaded at the following link:



Article-processing charges

NSC Nursing has the intent to promote research, for this reason the magazine does not request any publication fees from the authors and makes the articles published accessible for free.


Plagiarism Policy

NSC Nursing do not accept manuscripts with plagiarized material. For the purposes of this policy, plagiarism is defined as the use of previously published works including data, images and text, without authorization.
Journal editors will respond to plagiarism at their discretion. Actions taken will be based on the severity of the plagiarism attempt, but can include corrections to or retractions of the published article, the author being banned from publishing in the journal.


Peer-review policy

Peer review is the system used to assess the quality of a manuscript before it is published. Independent researchers in the relevant research area assess manuscripts presented for originality, validity and significance to help editors determine whether the manuscript should be published in our journal.

NSC Nursing operates a peer review system, where the reviewers are not aware of the authors’ names and affiliations, and the reviewers’ reports provided to authors are anonymous. The advantage of this type of anonymous revision is to protect both authors and reviewers. In fact, this type of peer review facilitates a better asses of a manuscript.


Digital Preservation Policy

NSC Nursing is digitally preserved by LEGALGED (Italian company)

Email: legalged@gmail.com



Publication timeline

The evaluation of the manuscript will be communicated to authors within 15-30 days to the address that the author has provided for any communications. Generally the manuscript, if accepted, will be published on-line in a time not exceeding 30 working days from the acceptance date


Copyright Policy

NSC Nursing is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No-Derivatives 4.0 International License. With the license CC-BY, authors retain the copyright, allowing anyone to download, reuse, re-print, modify, distribute and/or copy their contribution. The work must be properly attributed to its author. It is not necessary to ask further permissions both to author or journal board.

As an author of an article published in NSC Nursing you retain the copyright of your article and you are free to reproduce and disseminate your work.


Indexing services

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